Peer-Reviewed Publications

Melin, Julia L. & Shelley J. Correll (2022). “Preventing Soft Skill Decay Among Early-career Women in STEM During COVID-19: Evidence from a Longitudinal Intervention.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), 119(32): e2123105119. [Link]

Media coverage in Physics World, Insights by Stanford Business, and The Stanford Report

Young, Cristobal & Julia L. Melin (2019). “Time is a Network Good.” Current Opinion in Psychology, 26: 23-27. [Link]

Melin, Julia L. (2016). “Desperate Choices: Why Black Women Join the U.S. Military at Higher Rates Than Men and All Other Racial and Ethnic Groups.” New England Journal of Public Policy, 28(2): Article 8. [Link]

Media coverage in Fortune

Peer-Reviewed Reports

Krueger, Tracy C., Sandra Kay Evans, Sara E. Barth, Angela Clague, Diana Gehlhaus, Norah Griffin, Ryan Haberman, Jennifer J. Li, Julia L. Melin, Claude Messan Setodji, & Nelson Lim (2022). “A Snapshot of the Department of the Air Force Total Force Recruiting Integration: Survey Results and Implications.” Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corporation. [Link]

Posard, Marek N., Christian Johnson, Julia L. Melin, Emily Ellinger, & Hilary Reininger (2022). “Looking for Lies: An Exploratory Analysis for Automated Detection of Deception.” Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corporation. [Link]

Under Review

Melin, Julia L. “The Help-seeking Paradox: Gender and the Consequences of Career Re-entry Assistance.” 2nd R&R at Social Psychology Quarterly.

Burt Award for Best Student Paper, ASA Economic Sociology Section, Honorable Mention, 2022

Melin, Julia L. & Jennifer Merluzzi. “When Women Do ‘Men’s Work’: Hybrid Femininity and Within-gender Inequality in Job Offers.” R&R at Organization Studies.